I have a misbehaving MTH SW-1500 diesel switcher with PS-2 sounds; it won't respond to track power and it won't accept signals from my DCS REMOTE COMMANDER device. Probably a burned-out chip or circuit board.

As I understand it, the MTH PS-3 sound set is much better, so I toyed with the idea of having this loco repaired and the sound system upgraded. Then I read info on this FORUM that the DCS REMOTE COMMANDER will be phased out as MTH moves toward WiFi and app configurations for loco control.

Since all my other locos are Lionel, I'm reluctant to invest in additional MTH DCS gear for the sake of just one loco. I'm wondering ... would it be feasible modify my SW-1500 diesel; i.e., remove its DCS electronics and install TMCC control and sound gear by ERR?

Comments welcome.

Mike Mottler    LCCA 12394 


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This MTH SW-1500 (UP #1108) has a ERR DC Commander but no sound (I just did not try to shoe horn a sound system in it) I added sound into a dummy Kline MP15. The Dummy MP15 has a ERR E8/9 sound unit and coil couplers.

At times I also run the SW-1500 with a dummy Weaver GP-38-2 with ERR GP7/9 sound unit.

Gunrunnerjohn would be your best bet, He has help me and others with ERR problems and if anyone can get TMCC control and sound in a SW-1500 it would be Gunrunnerjohn.



Keith Johnson


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gunrunnerjohn posted:

Sure Mike, I do such conversions all the time.  I happen to have a SW-1500, so I'm pretty familiar with it's configuration.


Thanks for a prompt reply to my inquiry about a "brain transplant" for my MTH SW-1500 -- from DCS with PS-2 to TMCC with Railsounds.  Got a ballpark $ figure in mind?

Background: I bought this NASA-decor loco for use upfront of a long string of NASA freight cars (mostly MTH items, but one Lionel and two K-Line products in the line-up). It remained on a shelf for 2+ years. When I recently placed it on my layout, it produced sound briefly, but no headlight.  Then it quit, and it hasn't responded to subsequent attempts to"revive" it.  Since I'm inexperienced with DCS, I confess I probably zonked out the loco with too much button-pushing with the hand-held DCS REMOTE COMMANDER device.

Mike Mottler    LCCA 12394


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