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I am wiring a 450 Signal Bridge using the 153 IR (powered using auxiliary feed).  Having trouble, since most everything I can find is about the Contactor or the Insulated Rail activation.

1.  Does the 153 IR NO and NC control the AC Ground?  If so, then the 153 IR NO (normally open -so not lit) ) and and NC (normally closed- normally lit) output from the 153 IR ,  with the separate lamps sides cross-connected to have the red on one side and the green on the opposite side lit at the same time.

2.  The 153IR  NO would go to the red and and NC to the green terminals in the base (acting as the ground, cross-connected on the two sides) when it senses a train?  (a whole different issue, I know!)

3.  So, the bridge structure itself is AC hot??   (I would rather have it as ground, but not if the 153 IR works the ground.)

Input is appreciated.  A picture, even more!!


puzzled but persistent.

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