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I think the key to a great figure/little people paint job really depends on the quality of the figure.  The past few years I've been buying "Model U" real scanned humans that are 3D printed.  And from "Printle", a shapeways affiliate company.  The are very realistic, however, some times the facial details are not 100%.  Regardless of how much time you spend trying to get them to look acceptable is fruitless.  Here is my latest batch from Model U.

I mount them on cork screws held by model wax.  I do undercoat with auto gray or tan camouflage.  Just a very light coat.  I tried Vallejo primer, but unlike their paints, [which I love] I don't like the results.  After a few hours I start painting.  Skin tones first, then clothes, hats, shoes etc.  It is generally easier to touch up the skin later, rather than the entire figure.

I use a very ultra fine tip marker for eyes and lips.  I rarely use a wash and never powders.  But I am going to give that a try.  A/I will damage the paint as well as other washes,,,  Again, like everything else in the hobby we all have our individual approach and techniques to our projects... So bottom line, good figures, good brushes and paint, a steady hand gives good results'..  Main thing is enjoying and having fun bringing your little folks to life'..😁

little people



Ted, great painting skill and choice of figures...I hope to have your patience and skill some day  Look forward to seeing the above figures on your layout...

@poconotrain posted:

Fantastic looking. I only wish I was that good at painting.

Pocono, no need to be a great painter. Use the simple method of block-painting (i.e. paint the basic colors for the head, hands, clothing, accoutrements, etc.) followed by application of a wash or dip, then an overspray of clear matte. Nine times out of ten the results will be a decent-looking figure suitable for the layout or wargame table. Sculpted detail is the critical thing to look for in figures, but even old Plasticville people can work:

Give it a try's not that tough and can actually be a lot of fun.


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