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I just picked up a PRR J1 (20-3849-1) today.  I don’t see how to load whistle smoke fluid.  It came with just a generic steam quick start pamphlet.  No printed manual and I have not been able to find a pdf manual at MTH for the new J1s or T1s.  There does not appear to be a removable dome or other part that can be removed to expose a fill location.

Anyone figure out how to load smoke fluid for the quillable whistle steam on the new J1 or T1?

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There’s a small funnel located in the bag with the dummy coupler. The funnel has to be situated just right to start loading the smoke fluid down a small hole under the whistle. It takes a little bit of effort, but you should feel it slide in before a little bit. It doesn’t take much fluid, but it should be good to go once you add fluid into the hole. I had the same problem, so I wish there were more clear of instructions. Hope this helps!

Thanks MidwestODR.  I found the tiny hole hidden under the whistle, was able to thread the “funnel” into it and load fluid.  I thought the plastic funnel with capillary tube end might be for loading fluid, but it seemed like the capillary tube was too small.  I guess the smoke fluid has such a low viscosity that it works.

I have some hypodermic needles that I use to load fluid in diesels with tiny grill openings.  I was thinking of using one of those, but won’t since the funnel works.

And I agree about MTH and documentation.  I’m an MTH guy, but documentation is not their strong suit.  It’s not unusual for manuals to be outdated, incomplete or in this case nonexistent.

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