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Does anyone know what the final K-Line Collector's Club locomotives were that Lionel manufactured? I thought it was only the 2 CSX models (w/TMCC and without), but I'm reading and hearing that there were actually 6 models. 2 CSX, 2 Santa Fe, and 2 Alaska.

If this is true, were they all part of the same type of deal where Lionel manufactured all of them?

And if you know this info, would anyone know also what those sku numbers were for all and maybe how much they might be worth if they're all in good condition?


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I think I was looking for the Lionel part#'s since that's how they were manufactured and I believe sold under as well.  So there were more than just the one road name then for the collector's club?   I didn't realize that a CC would offer so many different options (3 different road names) on a single offering.

From the auction site and the web, here are the Engine Numbers I could find which should be all of them:

6-11559 Engine # 204 with TMCC

6-11560 Engine # 204 Conventional

6-11561 Engine #204 Conventional with Cruise

It looks like the CSX were:

6-11556 Engine #722 with TMCC

6-11557 Engine #722 Conventional

6-11558 Engine #722 Conventional with Cruise

It looks like Alaska were:

6-11553 Engine #4002 with TMCC

6-11554 Engine #4002 Conventional

6-11555 Engine $4002 Conventional with Cruise


Correct - I remember talking to a K-Line person after they announced they were closing asking about the engines and they didn't know what was going to happen.  Then I got an email from Lionel saying as pretty much a last act for K-Line is that Lionel would still honor the engines which I appreciated.  I was surprised they had Lionel boxes and not K-Line, but I got my engine and was happy about it.

I remember the email from Lionel stating they would honor the purchase of the engines from K-Line indicating they were under no obligation to do so.  The fact that K-Line employees had no idea what would happen when they announced they were closing makes me think that they did not know what Lionel would do...

Though I don't really have too much modern stuff, I purchased the Santa Fe conventional version because it was too good looking to pass up for the price ($125 iirc). There was always a gap between when you ordered the KCC engines and when they were delivered, but with K-Line's downfall that delay stretched to about two years before Lionel delivered. Ultimately, the board on mine went bad after several years and the cost to replace it was more than I'd paid for it. I waffled around for a bit, but when a forum member offered me $175 for, bad board and all, I sold it. I didn't have the best experience, but as others have said, it was still a great loco for the price.

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