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Morning all! I finally got the cellar cleared out to where it needs to be for a new layout..the temporary one I built last fall while recovering from Rotator cuff surgery has been great fun but also sent me to that place where I knew i had to have a larger permanent one.. I have 12 x 15 ..could stretch it to 16 I have all ready ordered my Millhouse 34" TT ..My plan is to have 2 main lines outside O84 and O72 and go from there ..will have second level with a helix on one end.. a Smaller mountain Village line that will connect to the lower level for access to the TT but other than that its wing it...All i know is O scale shrinks up a space quick!! ..Even my wife likes the RR and enjoys going down and watching me run trains with a glass of wine so its been easy selling the new layout ..Im sure Ill have lots of questions and from what Ive seen on here you guys and Girls all rock  ..This is whats there now .4E4EF753-7DC5-4095-A830-7BD24D2AF6D36A4324EB-3DF6-4E3F-8F74-7C29DAB3BFD6


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Sounds great, do you have an initial plan and a drawing of the room?

John I do not.. all open space I just need room to get to fuse box and water on other side one big ole Rectangle of room 12 x 15 of it I can use..I put away all my Engines and cars today and started dismantling the old setup..was beautiful out to day so i messed with the Cars a lil but I got alot done! Ive been using graph paper to try and get an idea so far but nothing solid ..2 outter mainlines with O84 and O72 is what I have so far

Even though, at least in my experience, the plans kinda' go out the window as you get into the build, it's nice to start with an idea and map out the room and what space you need.

I used AnyRail to do my planning.  I kinda' have what I planned, but there were changes along the way.

Yes your right of course..I see so many great layouts here its hard to nail down just 1 ..I have a Mac so Im limited with programs that work .. Ive found one that interested me and hoped i could do it with all O84 and O72 and have a spot for my 34" Millhouse TT..similer to this but Use the whole 12 x 16 ..i wont need the spur in the upper left corner ..I hope the gentleman who drew this up wont mind me posting



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