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How did I do this?  My Hogwarts Express passenger car 99718 started smoking for no apparent reason (I suppose the dementors could have been at their nasty work).  I run DCS with old ZW power and 10 amp fuses between track and transformer.  Never blew the fuse.  I opened the car and found this! Anyone ever had this adventure, or does he-who-must-not-be-named have my number.


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"Sounds like a partial derailment.  Ask me how I know."

I think that we need to ask you how a short circuit at the track, and therefore between the track and the transformer, would cause a device beyond the short to burn. The short circuit, by definition, is a short route of travel for the electricity that prevents all or most of the supply voltage from reaching the load.  In a track derailment, the load (lighting board) would receive less, not more, power that it would normally receive.

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