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Thought I'd share my first attempt at bridge building - never tried anything remotely creative before, but I'm really happy with how it turned out

Started with a 3" stack of Foam Sheets and a 4" x 1" piece (not pictured). The stack will be the main structure, and the 4" piece will have brickwork carved and be stuck to the front.


Started by cutting and sanding the arches (these will be finished more perfectly later


Next up was carving the brickwork (note this bridge isn't based on anything in particular, just on what I thought would add interest to my layout)


Test fitting:


Weathered/aged the bricks and masked for paint:


Started with a black coat


Brick red and various other shades over the black:


Finished by adding stonework and arches:



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Some updates:

I started the other side of the bridge this evening. This side won't be seen so, while I wanted to detail it anyway, I was less precise in putting it together.

Here is side 2 with some paint


Glued to the bridge with some foam glue




I still want to do more detailing on both sides, especially with some of the pastels and weathering powders I just bought, but for now I decided to test out some scenic materials to see how it is going to look:


There is still a lot of tweaking to do, but happy with the way it is progressing. Decided to test fit some track and see how it will look when it's done!



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jpc posted:

Great job

Did you use any pattern to maintain the curved culvert shaping from side to side

Seems like that consistency would be hard to achieve

You did it well


No, no pattern, just used a small plate to mark out each side. The culvert shaping is less than perfect at the moment, so there are some fixes I need to make there, maybe tonight!

@Avanti posted:

My favorite tools for carving pink foam came in a cheap manicure set. You can find them at the thrift store or a dollar store

I was searching for info on carving foam and found this quote from Avanti. The light bulb came on!  A quick search under the sink in the bathroom produced a long forgotten manicure set. Thanks for the tip!


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