Here is my first attempt at building a structure for my train layout. I used a bunch of sources for the design, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Now I just have to keep the kids away from it, which means it hides in a closet until I want to put it on the layout. I'm looking at building a coal station next.

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It's made of balsa wood, the tank itself is red card stock paper with slats printed on it. I was going to do separate wiring but it was such a hassle that I ended up just drawing them on (you can't tell if you squint). The roof is 8 triangles taped then glued. I used a bendy straw for the spout. The ladder is balsa too, that was a lot of rungs to glue, but a hot glue gun makes everything possible. It's 11 inches high, and 5 inches wide, not as big as the plastic ones, but looks good next to the train. I measured the train on track so that spout would lower to the right height before I built it.
Bravo! When you get that piece in context and with a little weathering, it is going to be just amazing.

I love projects like this one. Once you've done one or two you quickly realize that you can work your way up to anything.




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Great effort, Mr B. Really came out well. Considering all the coal belching steamers that are probably going to stop to fill up with water, any consideration of weathering, possibly using some chalks to suggest where all those coal fumes are settling? I think your creative use of materials all turned out to be terrific choices. Thanks for posting the tips on how-to.

Very nice first attempt and good construction.
If it is important, you can get a bit more realism for O scale if you model at 1/4" to the actual foot. Interpreting that from the illustration that you posted; the tank at 20 actual feet x 1/4 should be 5" H and the support structure at 16' should be 4" H. Its pretty easy once you get the knack of it.

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