Just looking for a good glue that will hold the parts on my Lionel diesel.  I tried crazy glue, but they keep falling off.  With over 30 MTH locomotives purchased over the last twenty years I never had one part detached in the box.

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If this was damaged in shipping, you may be able to make a claim through the dealer with the carrier, even if you've attempted a repair.

I've replaced parts many times by using 5 minute epoxy.  I use it on even the smallest parts, but you need a steady hand to hold the small items still for 5 minutes.  It makes a permanent repair, so if you don't want to go through the trouble of sending it back or working with claims, give the epoxy a try.  I get mine from Harbor Freight in small tubes that are easy to work with.

I also want to know what adhesive to use. I bought a NOS MTH and at both ends the bell was detached. One fell off and the other broke off. I read on the OGR forum that regular CA doesn't work on ABS.

It's actually part of a step.  It not the step itself, its the tread.  There is tread on each step. I think there was a brake hose to that was detached.  It seemed to minor to send back.  Runs, looks, and sounds great.  Thanks!

Locktite Gel works great.

Doesn’t run, easy to control the amount. Easy to find in stores or on Amazon.



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I never accepted a new item with broken or missing parts. It is not my job to rebuild the engine I just bought for allot of money. 

There are too many people here that give the manufacturer or importer a pass on QC. You should never accept shoddy work.


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