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Chris, Great video and introduction.  Those are impressive.  I will be interested to see what the overhang on the cars look like on curves in your upcoming videos.  Can you let us know what radius curves you are running them through.  I have some of the Atlas well cars, the 3 car sets, not the 5 car and those end up having a lot of overhang on 0-54.

Thank you very much in advance,


Haven't attempted to run mine yet, but made a few observations upon the first unboxing:

  • --Those wheels really hide up under the carbody. Part of that is that they're quite smaller than typical 3RO wheelsets
  • Rotating bearing caps. And just like the "25 things" video I posted in the HO/N/G forum, they don't roll all that well. Time to hunt down the Labelle oil.
  • Those shipping blocks fastened to the underbody sure are fiddly to get off. You gotta pull them absolutely straight to work them off.
  • That weight...Picture Bart Simpson saying "Whooooaaaa Mama!" I imagine the box won't tolerate jostling that much mass very well.


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