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Hi All, this forum and Sean’s trains and things YouTube channel inspired us to try our first layout. I have enjoyed everyone’s posts on their layouts 1F9DB5B5-9E48-4581-9D67-B54E40317D6213EEDBF4-0635-42CD-96F4-E4AE2C2084016A02C201-48B2-48A9-A9E6-7FD47D1C9985DD37F9F7-6C93-4B05-A735-2F3DE65F38AE418A4597-C43F-415E-880C-9D6903CE318CA13A50D9-FFE5-479E-8EBD-244C104B35022AF91E00-95B6-42CB-90EB-FE239B0459C8D1ACD4BD-D2C8-4AAE-9BAB-BB76FF24CF94989127C2-6A36-44F8-94FD-EEBA3FE3983ASo I thought I would post some pictures and videos of our progress.  Working on it with the help of my daughters which has been a blast. It is in our pole barn.  I have it on wheels so it can roll around as well as leveling feet.  I also have it capable of lifting to the ceiling to get it off the floor when not being used or worked in for extended periods.  The two kick outs can come off though I haven’t taken them off now that track is on it to see how big of a pain that will be.  But I wanted to make sure they can come off. The track is a little closer to the edge than I would have liked but trying to maximize the space.  


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  • 1F9DB5B5-9E48-4581-9D67-B54E40317D62
  • 13EEDBF4-0635-42CD-96F4-E4AE2C208401
  • 6A02C201-48B2-48A9-A9E6-7FD47D1C9985
  • DD37F9F7-6C93-4B05-A735-2F3DE65F38AE
  • 418A4597-C43F-415E-880C-9D6903CE318C
  • A13A50D9-FFE5-479E-8EBD-244C104B3502
  • 2AF91E00-95B6-42CB-90EB-FE239B0459C8
  • D1ACD4BD-D2C8-4AAE-9BAB-BB76FF24CF94
  • 989127C2-6A36-44F8-94FD-EEBA3FE3983A
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