UPDATE West end upper loop finished.....New photos and fun stuff!...... 1/15/18!!!!!

OK....Got more work completed....and remembered to take some photos!!! 

Got upper loop wiring started. Still 12 feet of track to finish but wiring is now caught up to track laying. Not exciting stuff.....but gotta be right!!! Boring wire photo....


Upper level loop track work....


How the sausage is made!!! This is a sample of how I 'plan on the fly'. This isn't a final plan...just trying to get an idea of what is needed to get roadbad cut and installed. Then I'll dry fit track, trace it for cork and then got back and mount the track.  Mocking up the next area to be completed. 


And some fun stuff.......Land of the giants!!! Two locomotives that I have loved since I was a kid. I had never heard of the UP Turbines until I picked up an issue of '1001 Model Railroad ideas' by Argus......anyone remember those magazines??? But it had a article on UP Turbines and I thought these were the coolest locomotives ever made.  The Big Boy I knew of but never owned one in any scale until I found this older Lionel unit. A great loco....cool pair!!! I got these out in the name of 'testing'....gotta have some fun!!! 


The really cold weather is slowing me some. All my wood tools are in my unheated garage.....making using them difficult. So as soon as I can cut more support brackets I'll get that upper loop finished!!! Thanks!!! 067


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