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This man was in York in that building between the grandstand (Old Yellow) and the Restrooms.
He used to modify Lionel accessories to make them more realistic and also created from scratch.
My friend had many items created but lost his paperwork and is now trying to complete his inventory with a price paid.
Is this gentleman still around? Does anyone know how to reach him?

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Yes,   Brain Fischer was a  very talented and  nice man......sorry for his loss .....   If your friend has any of his scenery pieces to sell I would be interested for sentimental purposes.....Over the years I lost alot of the pieces Brian did for me due to moving on and losing layouts etc.  I used to look forward to seeing him at the York show every show in the old racetrack building in the center of the fairgrounds before the dealer hall was built.     Thanks   Ron

Very sad news. I met Brian online and asked him to do some kit-bashing for me. He did a great job. He and his wife were traveling up from Florida and said they would be coming my way.  They stopped by and he hobbled up the steps to my layout and stayed for about two hours talking with me and giving me ideas for the layout. I must say I felt bad after he came up the steps as I know it was a struggle for him. I know he's not feeling any pain now. All of the structures he did for me now have new meaning.


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