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I just put my new No. 2032040 Rio Grande Lionchief Plus2 docksider on the tracks. Everything appears to work fine, except the rear electrocoupler doesn't work, or at least is very intermittent. I'm using the LC app on my Apple mobile phone.  If I hold my finger gently against the coupler, I can feel a little momentary bump. It seems the signal is being sent, but the coupler may not open. Sometimes it does, usually not. It's like something is binding inside the coupler "arm" (the part that opens).

The uncoupling sound works fine. The front electocoupler works fine. Are there any "quick fixes" anyone knows for inoperative electocouplers with this kind of issue, or is this something that has to be returned to the dealer (ugh!)?

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I had the same problem. If you open it up, you'll find a connector for the rear electrocoupler. Chances are it's not plugged in or lose.  Also, I found a lose screw (No jokes please) in the box. It connects the shell at the rear coupler.  if this doesn't work, call Lionel. They will send you a new coupler.  Good luck.

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Thanks to all who responded. John, I remember now your posts about the couplers on these. What you encountered sounds exactly like what I've run into - a balky coupler that requires smoothing out of some surfaces. At least without looking at it yet, that's what it sounds like it could be. I'll fire up the screwdriver tonight and dig into it.

By the way, the engine also exhibits the jerkyness at low speeds on curves that was reported by others. I assume this is also due to the overly large holes in the siderods, as reported in the earlier thread. Per your advice, John, I ordered and received yesterday from Lionel some replacement siderods from earlier docksiders, with the smaller holes, and will be doing that mod as well. Thanks for the advice.

@gunrunnerjohn good news, unscrewed the coupler from the train and gave the coupler some manual "exercise, now it opens!

Bad news, when I put the coupler back, the screws won't stay in! Put the engine on the layout and pulled a couple of trains. Discovered when I was done that the coupler looked strange, and upon inspection found a screw was missing (later found between rails on the FasTrack). Regardless of how hard I press, the screws will not take hold or stay screwed in. Did you run into this problem? I'm thinking I may need to make a trip to the local hardware store and pick some new screws, but I don't know what size these are. Any thoughts?

You think the coupler issues is bad. How, about a motor that spins like a gear is stripped. Or, the motor shaft gear is loose. Upon, Opening for inspection, motor on shaft tight.  Wheel driove gear is ok. The issue appears to be the motor shaft gear is pressed to far onto the motor shaft or mis-design. It appears only 1 or 2 teeth are contacting each other gear to gear. I'm sitting out on one of these.

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