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Thought I'd pass this along, as I bought a junk lot of Lionel motors recently, and found the reason most of them weren't running is because one of the plastic tabs on the end was broken off, leaving it loose in the housing. So, I'm assuming this must be a common problem with these units. So, since I didn't want to spring ten bucks each (including shipping) for these pieces, and then wait two weeks to get them, I came up with the following remedy.

The following pictures show how to add a 0-80 screw into the broken end of the drum, and making it stronger than original. The screw head itself is only about .006 thousands of an inch larger than the hole it goes into, so either you can file the head down to fit the hole, or drill the hole out to fit the screw head. Your choice.


Images (5)
  • Original broken piece
  • 0-80 screw
  • Drill and tap for 0-80 screw
  • File to correct size
  • Finished piece
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