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You might try PlastX,  below available at Walmart.

It is widely used to improve scratches on audio turntable clear plastic covers.  You can then use it to remove the yellow and haze on the clear plastic automobile headlight covers.  I have been using it for both for years.  So you will find other ways to use up the bottle.

Meguiar's PlastX Plastic Cleaner,  clear plastic scratch remover


Novus 2 Fine Scratch Remover for smaller shallow scratches helps.

Future floor polish is now sold as a Pledge floor care product but they have changed the name so many times I am not sure what they are calling it now (my bottle is a couple of years old and it was named Pledge Revive It Floor Gloss).

Try this on something else first, but I have flamed plastic back to clear with very good results. In the industrial world, it is referred to as "deflashing". Hot air can do it too. The part has to have enough meat to take quick hit of heat. Don't practice on a Ziplock bag! Put a score in a clear juice bottle and try that first!

Good luck!

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