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Why would you want to do that?

I run both on one loop but either you can choose or if you run both be very attentive. Use the DCS variable output to control conventional or increase the variable voltage to max, 19 volts is my set point, and then run the DCS or TMCC units. Doing both conventional and command on the same track can be done as long as your conventional engine requires a high enough voltage to run and still get the other locomotives to get enough voltage to power the command control electronics.

So for instance should I want to run one of my reproduction Dorfan Crocodile engines I cannot run a command engine on the same track since 6 volts gets the Dorfan unit going almost too fast.

Change that up to say a 390e with a good consist of 8 freight cars and putting a command engine on the same track is not and long as you have enough room and skill to start the conventional engine then immediately start and get the command engine running.

I hope that helps!

I don't run conventional so I'm not totally sure about this... but why not just power the TIU from the aux port, and then when you want to run conventional, vary the voltage input to the TIU inputs with the throttle?  Then when you want to run DCS, just push the throttle up to 18V and have at it with the remote.

As long as you are using a pure sine wave transformer (ZW, VW, KW, TW, Z, 30B etc.) this should work I think.

I do the same thing.  All four channels on the TIU are set to fixed and the TIU is powered through the auxiliary port.  Power to the four channels comes from two Z4000’s.  Almost everything I run is DCS or Legacy/TMCC but when I want to run a conventional locomotive I only need to close a throttle, put the conventional locomotive on the track, and we are off and running.  Nothing extra required.

@Lehigh74 posted:

That will work.  On a TIU fixed channel or a variable channel that is set to fixed, you can use the transformer throttle for conventional locomotives.  You can do it even if you don’t power the TIU with the aux port, but not on a track fed by the fixed one channel.

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