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My fellow club mate, Paul  (TMB Model Train Club) and I both have the same articulated flatcar with the transformer load. We both came to the same conclusion in that the load was way too plain and need some painting, I went a bit further and weathered my flat car. Here are some before and after pictures. My car is the one in the first two pictures

Love to know your opinion as well share some pictures of flat car transformations that you have done



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I think that the tie-downs on all these flats, no matter the load, are too simplistic. But I can understand turning a blind eye, some centre-beam flats have a dozen or so tie straps a side, and we won't get started on the various chocks made from dunnage and spiked to the deck. I decided to 'fix' a lumber load on a flat once and have since always found other things to 'fix' instead!

Steve the improvements look great.  Although most transformers are usually one color, grey, the MTH color seems off.  The appurtenances that you chose to paint silver are totally believable in a color other than the overall color of the transformer.  Your rendition makes me think boiler more than transformer. Your weathering is spot on.

Chris is that whole MTA flat a roll-your-own or did you just detail a commercially available car.  More details on the containers and garbage bags would be appreciated.

Here's a homemade LEGO transformer load in a deep well flatcar.LEGO TRANSFORMER IN WELL CAR


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“Chris is that whole MTA flat a roll-your-own or did you just detail a commercially available car.  More details on the containers and garbage bags would be appreciated.”

The car is a modified gondola and the containers are 3D printed dumpsters off eBay. The trash bags are shopping bags I cut up into bite size pieces with bits of paper rolled up inside. The rats on top are store bought. I got the car as close as I could to make it look convincing.  

This is a K-Line PRR 16-wheel heavy duty flatcar that I recently picked up at a train show.  I had to come up with some type of load that would justify such a large car.  I made this load from some leftover Plastruct parts and PVC pipe.  It is not modeled after anything in particular, just something that fills up the flatcar.  I decided to call it an industrial filtration system.


I still need to make decals and tie-downs. 

Backstory: The fictional Bradford-Underwood Manufacturing Company is an on line company that manufactures industrial filtration systems.  This is one of their largest units, model BU115H1T Filtration System.  It is being shipped to a government facility, hence the large capacity.



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