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@Aflyer posted:

I don't think I could make 1/64 scale lumber on my tale saw.

I guess I need to look for a 1/64 scale table saw.


I sometimes use the outer side of the blade for very thin strip wood. I have a blade insert that I made solid, and raised the blade slowly to gradually make a slot the width of the blade. This is crucial to not having the material slip into the abyss below! I also have a few push sticks of varying widths to make cuts that are less the 1/8" in thickness. Many years ago, I made some wood trestles with walkways, and cut some "planks" using the outside of the blade to get extremely thin strips to replicate rotted boards.Wood bridges 001Wood bridges 009Wood bridges 011Wood bridges 012Wood bridges 014


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  • Wood bridges 001
  • Wood bridges 009
  • Wood bridges 011
  • Wood bridges 012
  • Wood bridges 014

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