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I picked up a Flyer 310 locomotive and there is no smoke unit in the tender.  We looked it over thoroughly, and there is no evidence that it ever had a smoke unit.  The tender has the hole for the filler tube and the slot in the base for a smoke unit. There are no screw marks or anything in or on the tender, and there is no evidence that there was any tube in the boiler stack either.

Anyone runs across a 310 from the factory that did not have a smoke unit in the tender?

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The 310 never had a smoke unit, hence the zero in the model number. IIRC, the Gilbert numbering system for steamers at that time loosely followed this pattern:

ends in 0=no smoke or choo-choo, ends in 1=choo-choo only, ends in 2=choo-choo and smoke. Variations include the 290 which had everything.

That numbering convention, introduced in 1946 did not stay intact long. For example there were no choo choo only postwar engines made, so a 321 had either nothing or smoke and choo choo. The 321 number was dropped, as was the 320 by 1948. The 300 continued in production. The 290 issued in 1949 should have been a 292 if the convention was followed. The last digit of 5 was then used in the link coupler era to denote a tender whistle in addition to smoke and choo choo, such as a 295 or 325AC. The last digit significance was changed/abandoned with the arrival of knuckle couplers. The 302 with a knuckle coupler became a 303.


Kelpieflyer posted:

Never knew that about the numbering system.  Did it translate into the 5 digit system?

The 5-digit numbering system is more complicated and was developed as more of an inventory and accounting tool. It is covered in chapter 2 of Greenberg's Guide Vol. II.

Certainly gad I happened upon this thread - Thanks. I learned several things!

My first train at age 5 1/2 was a simple PRR 3 car freight set with the 310 K5.  It had the 'Pennsylvania' on the tender.  Some years ago I repainted it Brunswick green and it still runs well, albeit quietly. Always liked the Flyer smoke & choo choo but it was several years before I received another K5 that had them. It was a 312 I think...

Roundhouse Bill is generally correct, however the set I inherited from my nephews, although the original box was long gone, did have ALL the paperwork, including the packing inspections; early '47 production included "Pennsylvania" on the tender! The stuff is packed away, or I'd get it out, I think it was March of '47.


David "two rails" Dewey

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