Flyer fish paper used in smoke units

Fish paper is available from Amazon or most electrical supply houses. Don't know how it got its name but the late, great Dale was always recommending its use.

From Wikipedia "Fish paper or fishpaper is a strong, flexible, fibrous dielectric paper. It resists moderate heat and mechanical injury, and is often used for wrapping coils and insulating stove-top parts. It is hygroscopic and so must be treated with paraffin for use in moist environments."

Scotie, good tip.  Thanks.  Although I haven't ever had an issue with manilla folder material. 

Marty, sorry, I think I completely missed your point.  You are asking about the insulator "boxes" inside, not the wrap that is sometimes around the outside of a smoke unit.  The lateral PA10519 and longitudinal PA14A209 smoke element insulating folded "boxes" that you're looking for are usually available from Doug Peck at Port Lines Hobby Supplies, but I see where he is out of the latter style.  Try Tom Seccia of Triple-S train parts. He might have some.  

In fact I just noticed Tom is selling a PA14A209 on eBay --   

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