I have a newer Polar Express S gauge engine with FlyerChief without a backup light so does anyone know where on the board is a plug for a backup light or does it not have one? It has the operating coupler and sound but no backup light.

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Not sure why Lionel went with the operating coupler instead of the original back up light.  The train runs as a unit and very few Polar Express trains are going to be switching out rolling stock.   But I guess to save money, they developed a single board that would also serve the other Berks which WOULD be more liable to do switching.  Anyway, I still think that the light is the better idea.  



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does this engine run on AC ?  I was looking to buy one of these . How does it run at low speed....does the cruise control work good ? Thanks 

It runs very well on AC, but be sure not to exceed the recommended voltage.  Once the board is fried, you're out of luck.



If anyone wants both the backup light and the electro coupler Carl Tuveson built a multiplexer to put both of those functions on one wire in the drawbar. It is described on his website under TMCC/Berkshire. I have it as part of the conversion of my Berkshire, it works as designed.


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