Flyonel Mikado Smoke Unit

If you go to Carl has pictures and a description of his modifications to install a fan driven smoke unit, cruise control and 4 chuffs/revolution in the Mikado and the Pacific. The work is extensive. I had him do all my engines, well worth it.


Several ways to go. 

I have new (modified) firma 5 smoke units and also used ones removed from converted locos. Contact me off list for details.

Details on replacing a Seuthe unit

Details on modifying a Firma 5 Seuthe unit to fit.

And  converting to a Fan smoke unit.

Carl T.

This has been a great process for me to find a solution to my problem.  Thanks to all of you who responded. 

I have learned a lot.  First, Lionel bought the smoke units for these engines from a German company and all the German manufactures like LGB use this brand.  They are made in many sizes and types by Seuthe.  

An important point is using smoke fluid, other that the fluid made for this unit, will ruin it.  I learned this from Carl Tuveson and Le Keply (A multi gauge user and certified Lionel/MTH repair guy). You can get this special fluid from Walthers and it is $6.95 plus shipping.  Lord knows how many different brands of fluid I have stuffed in my 3 engines of this type.  Perhaps this is why one quit working.

In any case Carl is sending me a replacement and a spare.  Thanks again to Carl, Le, and you guys that helped me.

I'm glad you're squared away on that Bill.  I have early and late Mikes, and Pacifics.  Have changed a few Seuthe's along the way.  I too tried a bunch or smoke fluids.  I found that those with low viscosity (more like water then syrup) work best.  Examples include ANormal1, LGB blue smoke fluid and track cleaner (discontinued I think), Seuthe fluid (of which I have some if you want to buy it, works great as you would expect, but don't like the smell it gives off or lingers), and Lionel Premium Smoke Fluid (not simply Lionel Smoke Fluid, that contains some water).  While finicky and not as good by comparison to modern fan-driven smoke units or Gilbert for that matter, a decent Seuthe with the right type and quantity of smoke fluid can be fun for quite a long time.  I found that starting off with 7-9 drops into a dry unit and then once running adding more, but even then limited compared to fan or Gilbert, keeps one putting out a fairly good amount of smoke.  Keep an eye on it though.  Running a dry one will ruin it.  Early TMCC engines also had voltage reg problems that didn't help matters.  Another story.  

Which fluid are you purchasing from Walthers? 


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