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On the way home from Atlanta we stopped in the Gulf Shores area for a few days. I had the opportunity to visit the Foley RR Museum and their 3R layout. The museum is in the old Foley L&N depot that has been beautifully restored in its original location. They have a SW-1 locomotive, 2 boxcars and a caboose next to the depot. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the caboose is a former GM&O caboose although it is lettered L&N.

The layout visit was fantastic. The layout is 20 x 60 and I was given the grand tour. I was able to go through and under the layout, visit their repair area and run trains. The club members were extremely friendly and welcomed me and my wife. They have a very nice and large roster of locos and rolling stock. I did notice that they did not have a caboose that was correct for the L&N. They do now as i happened to have one with me. I brought it home and will convert it to 3R and return it to him in the mail. 

I hope to visit them again soon. Stop in on your way to the beach. We were there during Mardi Gras and they were expecting big crowds. I attached a couple of pics of the layout, one with a photo of club members and another with the museum curator. I had a great time with all of them.



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