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Not sure if the ZW is appropriate to run MTH. There is something about the CW80 that makes it a bad choice to run MTH PS1 or PS2.
A Z1000 controller will run any MTH train conventionally. It also has no problem running L or W or A trains, for that matter. I like the Z1000s. I also have a CW80, but I have to replace the fan after 1 Christmas season (actually I plugged it in Thanksgiving weekend and the fan went before Christmas). The Z1000 is a brick with a resettable breaker and a separate box for speed direction horn and bell control. If you are running 1 train on a small layout, you could save a few bucks and use a Z750 (100W v 75W), but you might regret it, if you expand the layout or have a lot of conventional build passenger cars. Also the 1000 has a fixed output for accessories. The 750 does not.
You can use the ZW to power your DCS however you will need 10 Amp breakers between the ZW and MTH TIU, purchase the latest revision TIU and a hand held remote. You will also need a terminal block and quality 16 gauge wire. Purchase Barrys book Vol 2 and pick up the OGR Video Guide to DCS. All have great information on how to start your DCS layout. Ditch the CW-80 its no good for a DCS controlled layout.
The OGR forum is a treasure chest of engineering information, come back and ask questions as you build your layout. Have fun getting started.

As you can see in the photo below I use 2 lionel ZW's, 1 KW and one MTH Z4K to power my DCS controlled layout.
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