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This shell is challenging to remove and the owners manual is pretty much useless. There are lots of screws on the underside and no real way to know which ones you need to remove. The pictures below show exactly which ones to remove so hopefully others don't have to waste as much time as I did. The real sneaky trick is the cab handrails; once you get them unscrewed and swung out of the way, you can see daylight. Thanks to all the folks who provided helpful suggestions a few weeks ago when I was pulling what's left of my hair out, trying to get this puppy apart. Have fun!

Shell Removal Step 1Shell Removal Step 2Shell Removal Step 3Shell Removal Step 4Shell Removal step 5



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  • Shell Removal Step 1
  • Shell Removal Step 2
  • Shell Removal Step 3
  • Shell Removal Step 4
  • Shell Removal step 5
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