FOR SALE: ATLAS O Santa Fe F7B Non-Powered #37A

NEW - Never ran F7B #37A non powered Santa Fe Warbonnet. Plated sides, body mounted steps, close coupled with 3 rail couplers.

IMO the best out of the box Santa Fe F units on the market (yes I have the Sunset 3rd Rail F7's too) Are there some flaws in the plating, sure, it's not perfect. Due the grills get wavy, sure...most of them do at some point in time. Take them out of the box, run them around the layout and they look fantastic with no upgrades.

This unit is a shell swap, meaning that the factory Atlas #37A was a powered B unit. This shell was put on a non powered chassis. 

$225 Shipped UPS Ground Insured - PayPal F/F ONLY -- no checks or text me (951) 500-0506






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