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Hi folks,

As I further my transition to HO scale I'm letting go of a good number of locomotives. Shipping is not included in these prices. My email is in my profile for those interested. Thanks for looking!

Lionel 6-82456 Amtrak Legacy F40 with box, great condition - $350 (also have some matching passenger cars if interested)

Lionel 6-31787 Canadian National Legacy SD70M-2 with box, great condition - $380

Lionel 6-38456 Norfolk and Western Legacy RS11 with box, missing MU hoses on pilot - $300

Lionel custom Amtrak NPCU in veterans paint scheme, dummy. This was a custom paint job but it transit the lighting board was broken and now no longer functions. Could be a fun project. Sold as is with box. $175

Lionel 6-18596 Delaware and Hudson TMCC RS11 with box, great shape - $275

Lionel 6-18588 Delaware and Hudson TMCC C420, nonpowered with sound, box and great shape - $230

Both D&H units for $500 with a matching Lionel caboose

Atlas 6195-1 and 6809-1 Norfolk and Western SD35 TMCC and dummy pair, the powered unit has the issue commonly seen with Atlas SD35s where one truck will not receive power. This can lead to jerky operation. Sold as is with boxes and fine cosmetic shape. $300

Atlas 6808-1 Western Maryland SD35 with TMCC. Same deal as above. $200

K Line 6-22103 Pennsylvania A5 0-4-0 switcher with TMCC. Fine unit with sound, smoke and box - $275

MTH 20-20303 Amtrak P42 in Phase 1 Heritage Scheme with PS3, runs great and looks even better, box- $375

MTH 20-20301 Amtrak P42 in Phase 3 heritage scheme with PS3, also a fantastic piece, box, - $375

MTH 30-20536 Amtrak FP45 with PS3, front handrail removed to reflect prototype, box- $275

MTH 30-20164 Amtrak dash 8 nonpowered with box, $100


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