I recently bought a new set of New Haven decorated Legacy PA1 diesels to upgrade my 1991 LTI "MOPAC Eagle" passenger set. This has left the following parts for sale in its wake:

o One each powered "LTI" PA1 chassis which includes dual truck mounted motors with working headlight. The original "LionTech" e-unit died a horrible death before the first year of ownership had been completed. I replaced it with a Dallee "400" electronic e-unit which has been faultless in operation ever since.

o One each non-powered "LTI" PA1 chassis which includes a working headlight and electronic horn.

o One each "New Haven" PA1 cab # 768 and one each PA1 cab# 773 decorated shells. These shells are "like new" and include the metal steps and the "LTI" headlight lenses.

I am asking $50.00 apiece for each chassis and each shell. I will also make you a deal should you desire to install the LTI chassis in the New haven shells, I will put them together and test them for $175.00 + shipping for everything. When assembled, these new diesels will be CONVENTIONAL OPERATION only, just as the original 1991 LTI set # 49601 was delivered.

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