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Reduced      Milwaukee Road "Olympian Hiawatha* heavy weight 18" 6 car set, New Old Stock K44431  It is a beautiful set, I have 2 sets, you are buying the new un-run set. The picture of the observation car is from the set I run. Set will be shipped in the original shipping container. Any Interest or questions please call or email me. My email is in my Personal Information.

Around 1928, the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad, began using 'The Milwaukee Road' as a nickname. As early as 1898, The Milwaukee Road garnered a reputation for uniquely colorful passenger equipment by applying the vibrant yellow-orange paint to their cars, the maroon trim was added in 1905. Unlike the widely colorful streamlined cars that railroads introduced in the 1930s, the heavyweight passenger cars were almost uniformly painted a dark green to match the Pullman company's growing fleet of sleeper cars. However, the Milwaukee Road already owned and operated its own fleet of sleeper cars painted in the unique yellow-orange and maroon colors. All cars feature a realistic interior illuminated by overhead StreamLighting ®

Price $580    plus shipping and Insurance Priority USPS


K-44431   Milwaukee Road 6-Car Set
K-44431 K-44431K-44431K-44431 K-44431K-44431


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