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MTH Product #20-3197-1 A16FAEEF-BC34-49FB-B281-1E6A2B7D989C. I bought this engine new in 2007 but I have ran it very little as I usually have nothing but 0-36 curves set up. I have set up temporary 0-72 loops at christmas a couple of times so it may have about 4 hours run time on it. (I am conventional only). Paint and all details are in perfect condition. Smokes good and sounds good with a BCR2 installed. Box is a little shelf worn with BCR2 info written on it.  I am asking $866.00 plus $40.00 shipping. This is an impossible item to find now so please don't ask what I will take. I am ONLY selling it because I am on a limited budget and I have 7 days to come up with $900.00 for a MrMuffins L&N E7 set, I have settled on modeling late 60s L&N.I accept paypal friends and family option only and my e-mail is .   223A5BFC-4B2B-46F3-8A45-8E65A7AA0F6FD4311826-8A4D-4F0C-9A49-0693EE67D81D29035FE0-C41F-4FAF-8910-FC3278BBF12E296BC0FD-5E1A-461B-8210-CC04BCB4BE473863D6DA-E6D5-48C2-93EF-BF3FE779C02BCEB9AB85-BC9A-42E0-9E2A-C8CEB3CD1F7557027D6A-5329-4AA4-85C1-A8ACDAE91BD7BC5365E5-466E-4FED-89D2-AF5575C8E68C904015F2-E27D-452D-9792-58F3245DC9E7


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  • 223A5BFC-4B2B-46F3-8A45-8E65A7AA0F6F
  • A16FAEEF-BC34-49FB-B281-1E6A2B7D989C
  • D4311826-8A4D-4F0C-9A49-0693EE67D81D
  • 29035FE0-C41F-4FAF-8910-FC3278BBF12E
  • 296BC0FD-5E1A-461B-8210-CC04BCB4BE47
  • 3863D6DA-E6D5-48C2-93EF-BF3FE779C02B
  • CEB9AB85-BC9A-42E0-9E2A-C8CEB3CD1F75
  • 57027D6A-5329-4AA4-85C1-A8ACDAE91BD7
  • BC5365E5-466E-4FED-89D2-AF5575C8E68C
  • 904015F2-E27D-452D-9792-58F3245DC9E7
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