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Up for sale or trade today is an MTH Premier NS N&W ES44AC Heritage unit, product # 20-20276-1 and the matching Railking bay window caboose, product # 30-77247. The engine has had a few modifications done to it. It has been weathered according to prototype pictures to about a 2015-2016 appearance so just a little bit of dirt on the trucks and a dusting of the underframe. Inside the front door on the nose I built a small interior with walls and a floor similar to the old Lionel diecast ES44's. The engine runs great, all the lights and sounds work as they should. The smoke unit is a bit noisy but puts out a good amount of smoke as is par for the course with MTH engines. The caboose is untouched and the interior lights function. At the moment I am at college away from my trains and I don't have any photos on hand of the caboose. Pictures of it as well as more of the engine can be provided on Friday when I am back home for the weekend.


I like this engine a lot, but am trying to shift my roster to early CSX units and I don't run this unit as much as I used to. I am looking to sell both the engine and caboose together for $400 plus shipping but I am also open to trade for any the following items:

MTH 20-20457-1 Seaboard Coast Line SD45 w/PS3

MTH 20-21026-1 Chessie System GP40 w/PS3

MTH 20-20424-1 Chessie System SD50 w/PS3

MTH 20-20828/9-1 CSX GP40 w/PS3

MTH 20-21207-1 WM (CSX) GP40 w/PS3

MTH 20-2949-1 CSX C40-8 w/PS2

Lionel 6-28559 Chessie GP30 #3044

Both items will be in their original boxes with the engine in the special NS Heritage box that MTH provided when these were originally released. If interested in purchasing or trading, please email me at




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  • BA273045-3C64-4750-A172-EF46B92F2FC0
  • C018F910-3F5E-4982-B67B-2E640612CA6A
  • 7451C1B8-3004-4D3D-A59B-28CEE92547C3
  • EEB123EE-1168-41B3-ADAF-DDFF1426FB1C
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