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Hi all. I have never sold or traded on this site. But I have purchased from quite a few of you. I am looking to sell or trade these 2 post war 55ADFC41-778E-4D65-A8DC-3017FE036CF1B82D07D5-FC42-4F03-89AE-58B5E805BE7E275 watt Transformers. I paid 200 apiece for them. I am not looking for 400 bucks. They have been sitting under my table for 6 months. But work well. I am looking for a fair deal. Preferably a trade.
I am mainly looking for MTH Railking stuff.
I would love to have a Railking Set of Burlington Passenger cars.
or Union Pacific passenger car set.
Or any Railking PS 2 or 3 Diesel.

Hit me up with an email. We can talk more.


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  • 55ADFC41-778E-4D65-A8DC-3017FE036CF1
  • B82D07D5-FC42-4F03-89AE-58B5E805BE7E
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