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Hello all ---

I have sad news -- I received a phone call earlier tonight from a long term mutual friend of myself and ED DAVIS, Sr., that Ed Davis Sr., passed away on September 5th this (2020) year, at age 77, of cancer. I spoke to Ed last on a hot day in August this year -- I suspected nothing but Ed sounded sort of tired.

I met ED back in the early 1960's at Ma Webster basement Hobby Shop on W. 45th Street (Model RR Equipment Co. store I think) - Manhattan NY where Ed worked as a counter clerk. Always with his trademark pipe. We became friends after he joined the TA and later became a Motorman. I rode with Ed who was Motorman on BMT Standards on the Canarsie Line, Q's on the Myrtle El in the later 1960's, and other consists - on my photo taking joyrides.

I moved to Pennsylvania and lost track of ED until we re-connected in the 1980's by phone and mail -- and more so thru the very early Model Sub Talk forum (long gone now) and SUB TALK forum (before Sub Chat) -- Ed then living in Montana since 1977 and working as a locomotive engineer on Burlington RR freight trains. Ed wrote / authored the book THEY MOVED THE MILLIONS -- a history of NYC Transit and its rolling stock.

Ed was a regular (forums handle was "bigedirtman") on old Sub Talk Board and present Sub Chat -- but Ed has not posted at Sub Chat over the past few years. He was a regular poster on my own NYC Transit Modelers Group Forum up until his death.

Anyway, here BELOW is Ed's Obituary link - and for me, another in a series of my long term lifetime pals has passed on -- too many happening in the past few years; Joe Saitta, Doug Diamond, Vince Seyfried, -- too many more names to go on .

Ed modeled NYC Subway and EL trains and trolleys in S GAUGE and hand built ALL of his rolling stock - yes, I have photos of much of it. My condolences to his current wife and grown children in Boise, Idaho -  Regards - Joe F


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@PRR8976 posted:


  Thanks for posting and sharing the sad news. Sorry about your loss.


Hello Tom !

Thanks for the comments.  Likely Ed wasn't well known here -- known mainly by transit historians and the "scaler modelers in O Scale and S Scale 2 rail - S which he modeled in for the most part.  Ed loved taking very cheaply bought old Lionel O-27 freight cars - changing the trucks to / with / American Flyer freight trucks and adding them to his  S Gauge mainline "railroad fleet" on his layout..  They were a very close match to S Scale.  He may have been known to some S Gauge older (ahem "senior") members  here at OGR Forum - maybe I should post this OBIT over there.  Its been a bad past few years with many I knew (people and modelers) for decades  who gave passed on --well, its getting to be in that period of time for we dinosaurs -  very sobering ...... heh

regards - Joe F

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