Anyone else's format change on the forums today??

I'm not getting a cut off point between the announcements at the top and the active topics below. The "mark all read"  link moved down, and "follow topic" is where it used to be, so I'm hitting the wrong button every time!  Didn't notice much else. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing it.

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Alan said the changes were from the software provider, and were unsolicited by OGR. He's aware and is working to possibly get back to the way we're used to. He posted on the other topic. 

Remember, these things are decided by the lowest common denominator.  So, everyone from an IQ of around 10 and up has to be able to understand and use the forum.

Two things about the thread title change;

1. When you read the forum on an iPad like I do 90% of the time the URL goes off the screen when you scroll down.  At my age I find it easy to forget the title.

2. I often read a post and wonder "how does that fit in with this subject" and want to check the thread title to confirm that I am reading the thread I intended to select.  I use the first unread post feature most of the time and sometimes I select a different thread than I thought.


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