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Hi  Rich,


I'm somewhat new to the forum.  All praise on my part.


One little annoying item.


As I go back through the forum to possibly find something I would like to buy (I have already found 2 items as far back as 2 months), each night I turn off my computer and each day I have to log on and click through each 25 posts per page.  I'm currently back to 400 posts and it takes forever to get there again.


Sometime in the future, could you have page numbers at the bottom like on Google search.

That way I can go directly to the 10th page and jump 10 pages at a time.  That would be 2 clicks to get to the 400 post instead of 16 clicks to get back to the 400th post.


Keep up the good work,


Corvettte (Paul)

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Hi Paul,


One easy way to do it is to go to page two of the forum you are browsing.  Next look at the web address bar ... It will look like this:

Next, calculate the page you would like to view (i.e. 400 / 25 = 16), then enter that value in place of page "2" and press your browser's action button.  This will work on many web pages you are browsing and not just OGR's.

Hope this helps!




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