Dear Forum Members,

Is there a way to have one post on different forums and if so, how do you do it.

Example- one post to let us say 2rail and also 3rls.

Thank you in advance. John P.Dunn Sr.

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Possible, but frowned upon, as in the TOS at the top of the page.

The Forum is divided into a number of topical areas. Please post in the appropriate area for your topic and do not cross post between topics; i.e., do not post the same message in two or three different topical areas. If you post in one topical area, don't post a message on the order of "Look what I posted in the other area" in a different topical area.


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Ima go out on a limb here and say that many members keep an eye on the right side over there. As such, everyone [who does that] is going to see everybody's posts anyway.




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