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The For Sale or Trade and Want To Buy forums are provided by OGR Publishing Inc. as a free service of the OGR On-Line Forum.

OGR Publishing, Inc. cannot vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of any items posted.

OGR Publishing, Inc. will not get involved in mediating any disputes that may arise between buyers and sellers using this forum or any forum on this site.

The posting rules here are pretty simple:

  • OGR Forum non-business members only may post items in the For Sale and WTB.
  • Depending on which forum, start your post with "For Sale" and/or "Trade" or "Want To Buy".
  • You are allowed ONE POST PER DAY (must be at least 24 hours apart).  Do not post the same items...see bumping below.
  • If you have multiple items to sell or trade or wanting to buy, put them all in a SINGLE post.
  • You must list a price for each of the items you are selling. This is not an auction site.
  • Once a listing is posted, the thread is locked as no additional posts or changes are allowed.
  • Links or references designed to send members to other other sites where items are for sale is not ebay, etc.
  • Bumping is allowed under the following conditions:  Once a seller's or buyer's post has been up for a minimum of one week, an update can be made by re-posting the entire ORIGINAL listing and deleting their previous listing. This can be done once per week in order to make changes, additions, and/or refreshing it to the membership.  OGR reserves the right to act upon this rule if it appears certain sellers are taking advantage of this in order to manipulate top billing all the time which may result in that member losing their posting privileges.
  • Sellers and buyers must include a way for members to contact them either within the listing or within their profile.  Any reports/alerts we receive that indicates there is no contact info, the listing will be deleted.
  • Use pictures! (no copyrighted pictures) Items listed with pictures get much more action than items listed without pics.
  • your homework...make sure that you are dealing with a forum member and protect your profile information.

We hope you enjoy using the For Sale/Trade and Want To Buy and forums!

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