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It seems like much of the correct forum selection problem stems from topics that cross over into different categories, and if we could tag multiple categories, some of that would be alleviated.

Would it be possible to place a certain post in multiple forums?  For example, if I had an electrical question about a 3-rail traditional toy train, could I tag it in multiple forums - both the Electrical and the 3R TTT forum?  Or posting  whether a certain 3RS model accurately depicts its 1:1 prototype, it may be useful to appear in the 3RS and the real trains category to get experts from both sides.

Technically, it might be easy or very difficult to pull off - I don't know.  Any thoughts?

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My thoughts are that this would create a mess. The problem is with the replies.

If you have multiple threads in different forums, it becomes impossible to read and consolidate all the pertinent replies. Some replies would be in one thread, while others would be in another.

It is best to choose the primary topic and post your question, problem, idea in the appropriate forum.

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I didn't mean to duplicate the post, but rather the post is accessible/visible/tagged to different forums.  Jonathan, in your example, the sponsors that post to different forums (the backdrop one comes to mind) - they wouldn't need to post the same content 5+ times, they would simply make a single post and tag it to multiple forums.  I agree that you wouldnt want to see a single post clogging up the recent posts section. 

It seems as if @Rich Melvin thinks this is a request for post duplication in each OGR FORUM, and that would result in the mess he is rightly wanting to avoid. However, I have seen many forums layouts where a single TOPIC/POST can be a child of multiple FORUMS and not distinctly cloned/duplicated across the FORUMS. The same thread and same replies would be seen irrespective of which parent FORUM was navigated through. And ideally it would only show once in the Recent Posts pane. This is what I think the original ask of @JD2035RR is and I would be in favor of as I have seen it work out well elsewhere.

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Getting back to the OP's question, the answer is no.  All that we ask is to determine to the best of your ability the main subject of your post/thread and then put it in the category/sub-forum that best fits.  We realize there are gray areas and frankly have been looking at making some changes for the past many months, but other more pressing administrative needs for the forum have pushed to the front of the line.


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