On threads I have initiated the upper portion of my screen is a row of seven rectangles.  The first is blue with a 'face book' logo.  The sixth is green with a white envelope and when I click on that envelope I get another screen which allows me to 'Mail' that thread to someone.

That row of rectangles does not appear on messages I did not originate so I cannot 'mail' that thread.  In the past I could, but now I cannot.  Am I mistaken or have I done something out of sequence or has the program been changed?  I am logged in via Google Chrome on a desk top computer.  

Thank you,  John in Lansing, ILL

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I don't think anything has changed in the forum software. When I look at your post, which I did not originate, I see the icons.

This is what your post looks like on my screen...


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Those icons were there before Rich replied, but now they are gone. Other posts with replies do not show them, either.

Rich, The attachment you shared is what I saw on 'my' messages.  The seven colored rectangles do not show on messages originated by other Forum members.  They stopped appearing within the past couple of days and at this time are not on the original message.  Respectfully, John Mateyko in Lansing, ILL

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Thanks Rich.  Also as an FYI it's not related to any ad blocker either.  As a test,  I toggled mine to on, then back off, and the icons gone in either state.

From Crowdstack Tech Support:

"...There is a bug here; this issue only occurs when you load a reply link URL, e.g.: https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/...0#141497117500384110

It will not occur if you load the topic page itself (not anchored to a reply): https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/...c/141497117499628074"


What he is saying is that if you load THIS PAGE, which is a link to the top of this thread, the links will be there. If you load THIS PAGE, which is a link to a specific reply within this thread, they will not appear. These Crowdstack guys are amazing.

And you guys helped find a bug in the Crowdstack software!

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I think I understand.  If a member uses the RECENT POSTS column on the right side of the screen to access a stream/subject, the seven rectangles do not appear.  If a member goes to a forum(for example Want to Buy) and scrolls down until he/she finds that same post, the seven rectangles are on the screen and usable.  I hope Crowdstack can find the bug and eliminate it.  John in Lansing, ILL

John, your analysis of this is correct. Crowdstack is working on a fix.

Incidentally, my “handle” on the Crowdstack tech support system is “Senior Bug Exterminator” a title given to me by the owner of the company many years ago when we first moved to the Hoopla (now Crowdstack) platform. I have a knack for finding and documenting various bugs.

In this case it was you guys who discovered the bug. I just reported it to Crowdstack.

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Precisely, John. CRM. I practiced it all the time when I was flying.

Here's my ID page from Crowdstack...


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