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This engine was at the bottom of a box of trains I bought.  It's very heavy, probably around 10lbs and looks to be almost entirely made of Diecast steel, brass or copper and steel with a mammoth motor and the most heavy duty drive system I've ever seen on an O Scale model train.  This thing was meant to pull a serious amount of cars.  The motor is partially wired but there are no roller pickups and it looks like it was never run.  There isn't a single identifying mark, name or number on it.  I would think it is probably from some kind of kit but maybe the owner created it out of scratch.  I'm going to try and get it working and any information I can find out would be greatly appreciated!!

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It's an All-Nation EMD NW2. They were originally made by General Models Corp in the late 1940s in both two and three rail. Yours is two rail, and needs DC power. AC could burn out the motor. If you only have an AC transformer, you can wire in a rectifier to convert the output to DC. It's probably wired up already, since it's two rail DC, all it needs is two wires leading to the motor from each truck.

The shell and sideframes are made from diecast Zamak, not steel.

I have a pair of General Models' original three rail version, which came assembled and painted unlike the two rail version. These preceded Lionel's own NW2, and are far closer to scale than Lionel's.

It looks like yours is unfinished, it needs couplers, a bell, and handrails. The buyer of the kit would be expected to form the handrails himself out of 1/32 brass wire. You're probably missing the handrail stanchions too, which would have been supplied with the kit.

If you look carefully at the area I've circled here on it, you should see where it's marked.


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