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Hello all ...rare is the case in life when a train can run through towns and stop at stations just as they did some 75 + years ago .
Frank Ellison built a Walthers Doodle Bug " The Bumblebee" circa 1940 serving all the towns along the Delta Lines route ...(both layout locations) .
At long last "Bumblebee" local service has returned to Raymondale and Donaldson..... please excuse on going construction as they are all improvements for the betterment of the future riders.

Please see link for video action

Cheers Carey 0920210123_HDR~20920210116~20920210125_HDR~20920210125~2


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Hello thank you very much for your kind words yes the buildings are mostly original I was fortunate to be able to purchase Fred Dole's collection of Delta lines pieces.

I have two o's scale railroads one with outside third rail that's the Shelf layout with the Delta lines pieces and the center Railroad is two rail that's a 1939 Multiplex modular layout so easy to swing both ways outside third or two rail

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