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Hello all

"The whole world is a stage" ...your train layout is a " mini stage".
Frank Ellison famed for his Delta Lines layout , numerous articles and book came from a theatrical background .
Frank learned scenery not seen by the audience is scenery not needed .
Frank penned many articles for Model Builder , Model Railroader , Model Craftsman.... detailing construction and running of a model railroad.
Delta Lines O scale layout was Frank's creation of a model miniature world blending city & country- scapes punctuated by the twists and turns of the railroad all to be enjoyed by the viewer as front seat audience ticket holder .
Buildings did not need back walls or detailing not seen by the audience .
Frank was a talented painter to create the illusion of different textures on flat scrap cardboard.
Here is the warehouse that was used on Delta lines created by Frank in 1941 hand painted on old scrap cardboard The one end of the building was to be butted up against another building so no detailing needed there hence Frank used it as a test board for different brick configurations as practice.

NOTE from OGR:  copyrighted photos from the pages of Model Railroader were deleted per OGR TOS.

Cheers Carey



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I first encountered Ellison's work as a child in the postwar Lionel "Model Railroading" paperback book. I have always cherished his work as a testament to what can be accomplished with common and inexpensive materials. He is the reason why I have been such a lousy customer of the suppliers of structure kits and scenicking materials.

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Carey: Thank you for sharing this iconic piece of model railroading history. Any chance of some closeup shots of construction details such as how Frank did the windows, the painting of the brickwork on the face of the walls, interior bracing etc. I've always been a huge fan of the Delta lines structures and how Frank approached them like a stage set. I take it this building is made of Bristol or illustration board, at least from what I can see it is. I'm really interested is seeing those test panels and the different approaches used to try and emulate brickwork, from super tight individual bricks to a much softer overall "texture" approach which is what looks like was used on the actual building. Thanks again for sharing! 

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