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This is a professionally built layout. It appears to be L girder construction. The layout was built off-site and assembled in sections. It measures approximately ~16'x17'. The track and switches are Ross. Track is on painted cork roadbed. There are two levels, plus a loop of standard gauge. There is a control panel. No buildings, transformer, or command control equipment included. The base is oak with glass doors and shelves for train storage around the perimeter.

You know the deal. Husband builds a layout and then passes away. His widow is left to sell the house, AND who wants to buy a house with a train layout? It has to go. The family does not want this cut-up and thrown on the burn pile. They are looking for an enthusiast, club, or museum that will setup this layout and use it.

The price is "FREE". The caveat is the new owner is responsible for removing it, and is asked to set it up and use it. I have the contact information for the builder. He may be a good resource to provide guidance on how to take it apart.


So, who is up for saving this layout? Or, is it headed for the burn-pile? If you are interested, my email address is in my profile.


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