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Rich Melvin posted:

In some of those videos you get to see some young guy named Rich Melvin do a primer on signals, ballast track, and do hydrocal scenery.

What ever happened to him, anyway?  

I think he said something about retiring to an exotic island in the pacific...  He was smart enough to find some guy to take over his position at OGR....

Alan what a wonderful and thoughtful gesture! Once again, another reason this hobby is the best there is. It brings out the best in people. All I can say is DAVE MINARIK, BILL THOMPSON, ALAN GOLDMAN, FRANK MILLER, JIM MCINTOSH. I never had the opportunity to see Jim's layout but was fortunate enough to get some of the equipment from his empire after his untimely passing. That, to me, is one of the best ways to carry on someone's model railroad legacy (no pun intended).



 Thank you so much. I actually watched Don Klose's  video this afternoon. Don is very talented and runs a great layout.

Being in the parts business I seldom have the time to indulge in watching videos but with Don being a neighbor and good friend it just was a good excuse to get away from the reality of  today's real world and indulge in  his fantasy world.

Thanks to you and the OGR family for making this a much better day.

Bill Harrison / S & W  Parts  Supply

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