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The car came this morning and I gave it a run.  To tell you the truth I had no idea what to expect.  My guess these have been made in O gauge, but I have never seen or heard one.  

First, It is an attractive car and well done in appearance.

Second, I first ran it behind a FlyerChief Berk and then with a Gilbert PA.  It was a little harder to hear behind the Berk because of its Railsounds.  I liked being able to hear it behind the PA.  You hear joints in the rails, car squeaks, and the noise made by couplers.

Third.  It doesn't seem to adjust the sounds by the speed of the train. But its sound is constant no mater how much power is put to the rails.

Forth, It is easily adjustable in several ways.  There is a minimum maximum switch to sent for lots of sounds or less sounds, but this is not volume.  There is a volume switch plus an on/off switch.

Fifth, I had to adjust the volume down so it did not overwhelm me.  About 3/4 volume seemed best.  The instructions said to put several of these in a train.  I can't imagine doing that. 

Here is a photo.


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I like mine- have two- in a 15-car train, I run one about #4 and one nearer the caboose.  I think (as do my guests) that they add a lot to the model train experience.  I applaud the industry for approaching sound as a newer exciting addition. 

I REALLY notice the new sound cars when I run my conventional postwar locomotives with no sound cars- the only sounds are a "wheezle" (air whistle that wheezes),  and of course the sound of a 60-cycle hum from the transformers.  Ah yes, and the buzz of the e-unit.

"Why do transformers hum??"  "Because they can't sing."          - attributed to electrical guru Jack Eisler

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