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Today I ran my Lionel Rio Grande freight set 2291W, which I received for my first Christmas in 1958, on my Super O postwar layout. This was such an action packed consist for a child or an adult to enjoy. Lionel certainly knew how to keep your interest. It has logged many miles these past 62 years and still looks great and brings back lots of great memories.







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Well here is a short freight consist circa about 1940.  The Lionel 204 was one of the last die cast engines manufactured by Lionel prior to the war.  It was never catalogued and just offered in sets.  These were typically "General Special" sets offered to lots of stores and more or less made up of standard cars.  This consist is not a set per se, it is just a correct line up of cars for the engine from my collection trying to mimic the 1940 set.  All the cars are correct with the following exceptions a) all the journals should be black and b) the caboose should have a red not tuscan roof.  The engine has a 2689 whistle tender (whistle works) which was one of 3 or 4 different tenders that it came with 1940-42.  Never came back after the war. I have a neat video of this guy pulling these cars but I cannot figure out how to get video uploaded.  If anyone knows where there are some instructions please forward. 

Lionel 204 Frt frontLionel 204 Frt sideLionel 204 Frt rear


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  • Lionel 204 Frt front
  • Lionel 204 Frt side
  • Lionel 204 Frt rear

Slow B&O way freight with brakemen riding front and rear.  

Another great video, Pat. You take the video so that the viewer is trackside, looking up to the train as it goes by, which I also often do. It makes the model train look awesome the way real trains look to us when we are trackside looking up at them.

What is most special about this video, IMO, is what I've said many times before about your photos and videos:  your glorious autumn colors. It is amazing, IMO, how you can be so skillful with autumn colored scenery and you are also color blind.  


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