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Hello Tinplate world ...for decades out of the corner of my eye I've seen these Russian train sets ..... always with the preface of "rare" ....... a quick check on ebay will show you "rare" Russian trains seem to be always available for a price ....   I bought a Russian engine without the heading of "rare" so it was much more play with .   On the WWW you see folks claiming  made in the 50s' , 60s' ...only 3000 made ( that is a heck of a lot for title of rare)....  anyhow .... they have that unique look ..... engine is cast aluminum...cast wheels , one motor , hand reverse , cast iron globs for weight , ...6 pick ups !!!!!!!!! ( ok mine is missing a set on one of the pilot trucks  so only 4!) ..... it is touchy ...reverse unit seems to work sometimes ..mostly not ...  seems to happily develop internal shorts  at will ....  sounds like a cement mixer.... no clue if it is suppose run on 60 cycle AC  but it does sorta ..did not like DC is huge   bigger than 1/4' bigger than 17/64ths ....about the same size as the Bedell electric of the late 30's .... "monster truck" size ...  love the star on the front that cold war touch ... does not like 30" radius but that is all I could get my hands on immediately  for this rather short video ....  searching the WWW the train was offered with 2 sets of passenger and freights cars ...a clever knock off Lionel switch-man shed  ...and a catalog / instruction book ?'s in Russian so no idea what it is saying ......hopefully someone out there knows more about these trains and is willing to share to enlighten us all ..please . 

Cheers Carey 


and these folks beat us into space ???..




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Hello Carey:

I can't answer the questions you ask, but the Midwest Division TCA recently had one of our members do a presentation on the Russian trains you are asking about. Dr. Larry Poland, has a very large collection... and is all in operating condition.

If you send me you contact information I will pass it along to him and the two of you can get your answers.

Here is one picture of the recent presentation.

Larry Overall



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Hello all ..thank you for pointing me in the right direction (s) ....  I'll talk with Dr Poland at the next DuPage meet ... the western TCA divison site has quite a history about the Moskobel trains ...


...mine seems to be at the tail of the Stalin era and the beginning of the Khrushchev-era...  based on the paper label inside early 60's . ...I try and cut off my collecting at 1955 perhaps one day I can trade this one in one of the very early ones..1951-55. 

Ok engine  #41 ..... Warning: these next words contain the mention of two rail and scale.     #41 is a B Electric  first introduced to the O scale world in 1938  by  Thomas Bedell  of VT .....  later carried by Baldwin of CT , additionally marketed by Walthers post war 1946-50 +- ..then continued in the Baldwin catalog till 1960 -+ ...  The B Electric is a brick ...big and heavy, you put two motors in this monster and you are pulling everything you own .... scale yes but it dwarfs anything 1/4" ...and it's bigger than 17/64ths ( true scale for O gauge).   The box cabs ( diesel electrics) were a cheap way for folks to get into O scale in the mid 1930's, also they could turn tightly for those with less than a 4000 sq ft basement   ..... most commonly running with outside 3rd rail till 1940+ - ( 1940 was about the tipping point for the transition from outside 3rd rail to 2 rail in the scale world, for that point is the the tipping point for that little HO gauge rival to expand beyond the O gauge world , in the Model Railroad annual poles ).    

please see link for a B electric in action  running at the Milwaukee Model Railway Club , where it has run for 70 + years .


Cheers Carey 



Bedell ad 1937RMC Oct may be 1960  


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  • RMC  Oct may be 1960
Carey Williams posted:

 ...6 pick ups !!!!!!!!! ( ok mine is missing a set on one of the pilot trucks  so only 4!)





I believe 4 is the correct # ---at least during some of the production.  I've seen several with just the 4 p/u's.  The extra ones on the pony truck are basically just to get it through the switches without Stalin... ha ha ha!

Does the screw hole on yours look disturbed, like the pickup used to be there?

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Hello Ives1122  ( good looking engine) ... there is the remains of the clipped wire going to the "pick-less" truck someone must have Stalin  the pickups ...  someone had been inside this engine ....  I needed to re-solder the wires on the reverse ..tighten the nuts holding the reverse together... etc's a fun conversation piece..   

@ati3414 posted:

Hi all,

I just got a Stalin era Moskabel locomotive (see attached). Unfortunately, the front end has become mis-aligned (how?). Is it possible to bend the metal to realign the two halves? What are these locomotives made from? Zamak? Bronze? Mine is very heavy and the material is very thick, about 2-3 mm!

Looks like yours was dropped and broke the cow catcher/skirting on the bent side.

Thanks Carey for showing your Soviet era trains on the OGR forum.

The Russian Railways of today put on a really neat show.  I always enjoy watching the videos of the trrains in motion on YouTube.  The red and grey color scheme is quite attractive too.

Re: Man in the Moon.  I assumed "the show" took place, not in space, but Area 51 in Nevada with help of Wernher von Braun and Walt Disney...?


Dave I just picked one up myself. Gonna be a bear to find a set of those oddball power trucks though!!

Put an All Nation (or similar) drive in it, at least until you find the proper drive. Although you just might have to get another complete B-Lectric to get one!! A member of the long-gone WB&A Tractioneers did that to several of those International Models Japanese prototype electrics (ES444 maybe?) and they performed quite well.

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