From the Notch 6 Facebookbook page...I guess it's kind of official... Vision Line?

I find that its tough to be excited over the VL stuff any more, when lately, every other item Lionel delivers has some gross error or defect.  

Not to mention, none of the rehashes of rehashes are as interesting as the 2-10-10-2 and the 0-8-8-0 were.

Enjoy those big ticket locos though, I'll sit back and wait for the reviews from the beta testers.

guys i'm sure its a diesel because last time it was an electric and the time before that it was a steam engine so if lionel is following a pattern a diesel would be next the question is what kind of diesel

here are my hopes

Amtrak P30CH 

Amtrak SDP40F

GP60 / GP60M


any TIER 4 locomotive





AKA Cody Parrish

modeler of the fictional  Allegheny Federation floor layout

The Santa Fe Dash-8

Hhmmm.... here's an interesting thought... lots of folks here bemoaned Lionel for not re-issuing the S-3 will ALL the expected steam effects.  And when somebody pushed hard enough to the folks at Lionel, he was reportedly told, "Wait 'till York".

This got me thinking... another locomotive catalog'd around the same time as the original S-3 was the Texas-Class 2-10-4 locomotive, which already is tooled for the cylinder-chest-steam feature.  Lionel "just" needs to find space for another smoke unit to provide us with whistle-steam and any other desired steam effects. 

So that's another steam locomotive possibility. It's a massive locomotive with lots of presence -- without being an articulated beast.  But as I recall, the 2-10-4 will require O-72 curves, so that rules out a chunk of the market who has layouts with tighter curves.  But what else is new?  Lionel has been leaving behind the under-O-72 market for most of its VisionLine products anyway.  And they haven't lost any sleep (or revenue) over it. 


J Daddy posted:

I am surprised nobody is speculating the PRR- T1...

And yes Lionel can produce and sell it if it was made off new tooling.




I know where I have been, I know where I am at, I am hopeful I know where I am going.(The devil and God are talking it over).

I should have put PRR in front of the T1

I know where I have been, I know where I am at, I am hopeful I know where I am going.(The devil and God are talking it over).

Since the last VL loco was Pennsy, Scrapiron says, "No Pennsy" this time. So, if there is no new tooling and a diesel is probably not a choice (no electric either . . See GG-1), what would the most drool worthy steamer be?

1) NYC Niagara

2) N & W Class A

3) C + O Yellowbelly Hudson 

4) NYC Mohawk

5) N & W Class J (I know, it was Legacy but now once again with whistle steam and blowdown)

6) DMIR Yellowstone (100 to 1 shot)

7) Dreyfus Hudson (Uh oh)



Passengers will please refrain, This train's got the disappearin' railroad blues...

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